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In order to adapt to the stable, rapid and healthy development of Mintaian, we establish the developing systems of talents attraction, selection, cultivation and appointment to achieve the growth together both for the company and individual.

A、Comprehensive training system

Mintaian sets up systematic training programs for personnel, which offers specific training for different level of employees, dedicating the improvement of expertise and service skills of the staffs.

1.Orientation Trainings

The trainings to new recruits include corporate culture, survey skills, communication skills, basis knowledge of insurance, insurance-related laws, rules & regulations, etc.

2.Promotion Trainings

The trainings are aiming at the skill promotion of expertise and management, including the training for surveyors and administrative staffs.

3.3.Other trainings

The trainings enjoy different modes, such as external trainings, assignment to another post, transfer, secondment for getting experience, hands-on training, etc. Kinds of training schemes are designed for different positions, levels and new training modes are innovated now and then, which will provide strong support to the career development for every employee.

B、Smooth promotion blueprint

Mintaian follows the talent policy to use the capable ones, replace the average ones and relief the incapable ones, which makes the reasonable allocation and discover/promote excellent staffs, to reserve a pool of excellent professionals and administrative talents. Mintaian encourages the motivated & diligent and provides every employee opportunities and a stage for the development. Mintaian will make an exception to promote those talents with excellent morals and outstanding work ability.

C、Specific incentive mechanism

Mintaian develops a Fair, Equal and Open Performance Appraisal System to make year-middle and year-end evaluation for its staffs and fulfills the mechanism for selecting the superior andeliminating the inferior. The evaluation result will directly affect the adjustment of the salary, rank, position, training, personal development plan, etc. The appraisal system will give full play to one's initiative and make the employees to consciously raise the competitive spirit, fully exploit advantages, which will benefit both one’s career development and the company’s development.

D、Clear career development plan

Mintaian firmly establishes the philosophy of Human resources are the primary resources for enterprise development, who concerns about the growth of every one and actively cooperate/assist the employee in the plan for one’s career development, to make personal targets consistent with company goals and develop together. Mintaian molds two promotion channels for the employees in administrative series and expertise series and provides the staffs with equal opportunities, to make Mintaian’s driving force of growth to be the staffs’and promote to grow together for both parties.

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