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Insurance adjuster industry characteristics determine the insurance assessor must not only have theoretical knowledge of insurance professionals must possess high technical expertise relevant. Therefore, the company is committed to developing the business, but also attaches great importance to the construction of a network of experts and the public assessment of existing staff training.

Operating 12 years, boldly introducing highly qualified and experienced personnel and with international counterparts conducted extensive exchanges and learn from their advanced experience of training a team of highly qualified assessors. At present, our company has experienced higher levels of full-time professional staff adjusters 100 people, including 85 non-marine insurance, marine insurance 11 people, risk management and control 8 people, 18 320 Class 39 senior professional experts team; company insurance adjuster accuracy, careful, technical, fairness has been recognized insurance-related parties. Over the years, a large number of insurance claims by handling the case, not only accumulated a wealth of experience in the claims adjuster, but also in assessing underwriting risk prevention program designed underwriting, catastrophe losses have formed a unique set of solutions .

Companies in order to provide clients with efficient and quality insurance assessment services, is equipped with a high performance computers, digital cameras, camcorders and survey, transport, thus ensuring fast, accurate, scientific, rational process large amounts of data and complex information case. These human resources and equipment with hardware development for the company to provide a strong technical support.

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